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All Souls

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All Souls All Souls

The background

All Souls

Remember you must die – but live for the present. A hopeful All Souls’ programme with music by Bach’s predecessors and relatives.

Remembering with Bach“

For centuries, 2 November has been the day that the Western Christian tradition remembers the dead, under the name of All Souls’ Day. Every year, the Bach Society remembers with Bach. This year, we listen to how Bach’s predecessors and relatives saw All Souls. Harpsichordist and organist Bart Naessens delves into German Baroque, focusing on music by Johann Michaël Bach, Johann Christoph Bach and Heinrich Schütz. Music that is grounded in the mortality of mankind – memento mori, remember you must die – yet also brings a positive note: carpe diem. If death is inevitable, then live for the present.

The concert

Works and Performance


Johann Christoph Bach
Meine Freundin, du bist schön
Es ist nun aus mit meinem Leben

Johann Ludwig Bach
Das ist meine Freude

Johann Michael Bach
Ach blei bei uns, Herr Jesu Christ
Liebster Jesu, hör mein Flehen
Sonata a 4

Georg Böhm 
‘Schlafe wohl’ from Johannes-Passion

Dietrich Buxtehude
Mit Fried und Freud ich fahr dahin

Johann Kuhnau
Bone Jesu, care Jesu

Heinrich Schütz 
O misericordissime Jesu
Die mit Tränen säen
So fahr ich hin
Herr, nun lassest du deinen Diener


Netherlands Bach Society
Bart Naessens, clavier and leader


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