All of Bach

The online treasure trove of the Netherlands Bach Society

The complete oeuvre of Johann Sebastian Bach is just a couple of mouse clicks away, wherever you are in the world. The All of Bach project is the online treasure trove of the Netherlands Bach Society. Music-lovers can enjoy recordings of large-scale concerts, intimate house concerts and virtuoso solo works.

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Why All of Bach?
In the run-up to the centenary of the Netherlands Bach Society in the 2021-2022 season, we came up with the idea of performing and recording all of Bach’s works. This allows us to share Bach’s music with the whole world. Everyone can enjoy excellent audiovisual recordings of the highest quality on our website or on our YouTube channel.

Since the start of this unique project, more than 350 of the total of 1080 works by Johann Sebastian Bach have been performed and recorded in special ways. They include some remarkable highlights, such as the St Matthew Passion in the Grote Kerk, in Naarden, the Six Cello Suites at beautiful Amsterdam locations like the Concertgebouw and the Rijksmuseum, and Brandenburg Concerto no. 4 in Felix Meritis, in Amsterdam.

Informative texts, interesting facts and interviews with the performers provide a wealth of background information. All the works are performed by the Netherlands Bach Society and many guest musicians, and you can watch and listen to recordings of the complete works. In personal interviews, the musicians themselves talk about what touches them in the music or why they enjoy playing it so much. In order to keep close to Bach, the recordings are made at suitable venues, but we also look for unusual recording locations. Cantatas are filmed in a church, for instance, and chamber music at the musicians’ homes or at special locations in the Netherlands.

And the work continues, as we plan to eventually record all of Bach’s works. But to do so, we need your help! Your contribution will enable us to carry on with the All of Bach project. Click here for more information.

In 2021 a special collaboration with the American Bach Society was established. They provide English translations for vocal Bach works, translated by Daniel R. Melamed and Michael Marissen. These translations are placed on and as subtitles for our YouTube channel.

All of Bach is a project of the Netherlands Bach Society.
Head All of Bach: Marloes Biermans
Film Producer:
 Lisanne Marlou de Kok
Editor: Brechtje van Riel, Stefan Ebels

Texts: Thomas Batelaan, Marloes Biermans, Floris Don, Albert Edelman, Michel Khalifa, Jolande van der Klis, Huub van der Linden, Hanna Schreuders, Wouter Steenbeek, Jan Van den Bossche, Thiemo Wind
English translations website texts: Susan Pond
English translations vocal texts: Richard Stokes, Pamela Dellal, Ruth van Baak Griffioen, Daniel R. Melamed, Michael Marissen
English subtitling interviews: Erik Pezarro, Helene Reid, Harry Pallemans