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Bach: well-known concertos and sinfonias

Bach: well-known concertos and sinfonias

Those who play a keyboard instrument and love Bach are in luck. Bach played keyboard himself and left behind a huge repertoire for keyboard instruments, many of which you can play on anything at all that has keys (organ, harpsichord or clavichord, or even piano).

The well-known keyboard concertos were nearly all created in the second half of Bach’s career. So did he write and play fewer concertos before that? Probably not – but much of his earlier repertoire has been lost. Moreover, many of his later keyboard concertos actually appear to be arrangements of concertos for other instruments. The originals did not survive and only the arrangements have been handed down to us. Fortunately, it is possible to recreate such a lost original. In this programme, you hear the results of this kind of deciphering!

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