100 years of the Netherlands Bach Society

Centenary Festival

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Centenary Festival Centenary Festival

The background

Centenary Festival

A whole weekend of concerts by the Netherlands Bach Society in a festival to celebrate our centenary!

at this festival, there is a Bach to suit everyone!“

On Friday evening, the celebration gets off to a festive start with the versatile artist Adrian Schvarzstein. Along with our musicians and the audience, he will create a circus-like performance based on a Bach cantata.
On Saturday, we will be celebrating Bach’s inventiveness, seen through the eyes of later generations of composers and musicians. Our ensemble, conducted by Shunske Sato, will enter into an improvised jam battle with violinist Tim Kliphuis and his trio, blurring the boundaries between genres. After all, Bach is not sacred. The Goldberg Variations form the soundtrack for a puppet show, we spotlight the highlights of All of Bach and treat Bach fans to concerts by our own ensemble and our friends.
On Sunday afternoon, Bach himself will drop by for the final concert. Well, in any case Bach 2.0: in the person of the Swiss conductor, organist, composer and improviser Rudolf Lutz, who will get the audience involved in the festive finale. At this festival, there is a Bach to suit everyone!

The concert

Works and Performance


VRIJDAG 20 MEI (avond)
feestelijk geënsceneerd programma uitlopend op
Johann Sebastian Bach
Zerreiβet, zersprenget, zertrümmert die Gruft, BWV 205

Poppentheatervoorstelling met muziek van Bach

ZATERDAG 21 MEI (avond)
Johann Sebastian Bach
Partita in E groot, BWV 1006
door de bril van Rachmaninoff, Tim Kliphuis en Shunske Sato

Johann Sebastian Bach/Tim Kliphuis

ZONDAG 22 MEI (middag)
George Frideric Handel
Utrecht Te Deum, HWV 278

Rudolf Lutz

Johann Sebastian Bach
Gott ist mein König, BWV 71


VRIJDAG 20 MEI (avond)
Nederlandse Bachvereniging
Shunske Sato, viool en leiding
Adrian Schvarzstein, regie en spel

Lucia Caihuela, sopraan
Valer Sabadus, alt
Benedict Kristjansson, tenor
Dietrich Henschel
Jurate Sirvyte, dans/acteur

Nederlandse Bachvereniging en Koomans Poppentheater

ZATERDAG 21 MEI (avond)
Nederlandse Bachvereniging en Tim Kliphuis Trio

Shunske Sato, viool
Tim Kliphuis, viool
Tim Kliphuis Trio: Nigel Clark, gitaar & Roy Percy, contrabas

ZONDAG 22 MEI (middag)
Nederlandse Bachvereniging
Rudolf Lutz, dirigent

Dorothee Mields, sopraan
Elvira Bill, alt
Georg Poplutz, tenor
Dominik Wörner, bas


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