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Kunst der Fuge

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Kunst der Fuge Kunst der Fuge

The background

Kunst der Fuge

Bach's Kunst der Fuge is a monument. Bach took a single musical theme and expanded it into a large-scale work lasting over an hour. The theme is turned upside down and back to front, and scaled up and scaled down.

turned upside down and back to front“

During the concerts, the light artist Folkert Uhde will provide a literal enlightenment of this bizarre and intriguing musical construction. The lighting and the placing of our musicians in the space form a perfect match for both the structure of the music and the architecture of the building. Each concert is tailor-made to the hall or church in which we perform and sing. Shunske Sato is creating his own instrumentation of the work, especially for this unique production, in which he brings out the many colours of the piece and of the Netherlands Bach Society itself.

Our concerts in Naarden, Utrecht and Amsterdam are available in a subscription. Please contact our Ticket sales & information department.

The concert

Works and Performance


Kunst der Fuge, BWV 1080
instrumentation Shunske Sato


Netherlands Bach Society
Shunske Sato, violin and lead
Folkert Uhde, light and direction


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