Bach's musical creed

Mass in B minor

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Mass in B minor Mass in B minor

The background

Mass in B minor

Christmas Day, 1724: for the occasion, Bach has composed a grand and jubilant Sanctus. Years later, he was still convinced of the power of this piece of music. When he compiled his impressive Mass in B minor towards the end of his life, Bach incorporated the Sanctus into it.

a work for eternity“

Secular music also found its way into the Mass in B minor, albeit set to words from the Mass. Bach created a large-scale Mass, drawing on his own work from a period of many years. The composer probably accepted the fact that this work might never be heard in its entirety during his lifetime. He created his own musical creed; a work for eternity. You could regard the Mass as Bach’s 'best-of' programme, in which he forges his best and finest works into one universal artwork. This was how Bach wanted to be remembered - the Mass in B minor is his musical testament.

On this tour, the Netherlands Bach Society is led by the acclaimed German conductor Hans-Christoph Rademann, artistic director of the Bachakademie Stuttgart.

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The concert

Works and Performance


Johann Sebastian Bach
Mass in B minor, BWV 232, ‘Hohe Messe’


Netherlands Bach Society
Hans Christoph Rademann, conductor

Dorothee Mields, soprano I
Luciana Mancini, soprano II
Alex Potter, alto
Benedikt Kristiansson, tenor
Tobias Berndt, bass



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