A cheerful, staged programme

Bach’s brewery

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Bach’s brewery Bach’s brewery

The background

Bach’s brewery

There’s no family as musical as the Bachs. Besides Johann Sebastian, we know of around fifty musicians and composers with his surname. And you should hear them all partying together!

From the organ bench to the barstool.“

As the most important church musician of Leipzig, of course Bach had an extremely serious job. But his position, his portraits, his often grumpy correspondence and even his surviving compositions only tell part of the story. This semi-staged concert, directed by Thomas Höft, reveals a different side to the musical genius, surrounded by his family members and other revellers of his day, all in party mood. Because anyone who could hold an instrument, whether a big Bach or a little one, performed on it too. Parties always began with a chorale and soon proceeded to what really matters in life: beer, wine, love and even a dead canary. In this cheerful programme, we go from the organ bench to the barstool!

The concert

Works and Performance


Johann Sebastian Bach
Quodlibet, BWV 524
Violin sonata in G major, BWV 1021

Der Jenaische Wein- und Bierrufer

excerpts from Trauer-Musik eines kunsterfahrenen Kanarienvogels, TWV 20:37

Songs from Musikalische Rüstkammer – a collection of popular arias from the Leipziger Opera, by Telemann, Keiser and Hammerschmidt, among others.


Netherlands Bach Society
conducted by Shunske Sato

Thomas Höft, director and dramatic adviser

Griet De Geyter, soprano
Yosemeh Adjei, alto
Eric Stokloßa, tenor
Julian Habermann, tenor
Dominik Wörner, bass


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Experience more

Bach’s brewery in picture

Schweigt stille, plaudert nicht

cantatas, BWV 211

Violin Sonata No. 3 in E major

chamber music, BWV 1016