Bach’s brilliant job application

Brandenburg Concertos

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Brandenburg Concertos Brandenburg Concertos

The background

Brandenburg Concertos

Bach applied for a new job with his six ‘Brandenburg’ concertos.

Spectacle of forms and timbres“

In March 1721, Bach sent the ‘six concertos for various instruments’, which we know by their epithet ‘Brandenburg’, to Christian Ludwig, the Margrave of Brandenburg, by way of an open job application. What an amazing calling card! Bach’s achievement here borders on the incredible. He explores the potential of the orchestral instruments, both solo and in combination, in numerous ways. Each of the six concertos is different in its instrumentation, length, structure, style and technique, resulting in a spectacle of forms and timbres that makes every performance exciting. And the equally virtuoso oboe concerto, BWV 1059r, has a main role for our oboist Rodrigo Lopez Paz.

The concert

Works and Performance


Johann Sebastian Bach
Concerto in F major, ‘Brandenburg’ concerto no. 1, BWV 1046
Concerto in F major, ‘Brandenburg’ concerto no. 2, BWV 1047
Concerto in G major, ‘Brandenburg’ concerto no. 3, BWV 1048
Concerto in G major, ‘Brandenburg’ concerto no. 4, BWV 1049
Oboe concerto in D minor, BWV 1059r
Suite in G minor, BWV 1070


Netherlands Bach Society
Bojan Čičić, violin and leader


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Brandenburg Concertos in picture

'Brandenburg' Concerto No. 4 in G major

orchestral works, BWV 1049