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Monumental Motets

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Monumental Motets Monumental Motets

The background

Monumental Motets

This programme revolves around three of Bach’s wonderful motets, bringing together modesty and exuberance.

The most beautiful choral music in centuries“

The six motets written by Bach are some of the most beautiful pieces of choral music produced over the past centuries. In this programme around Remembrance Day and Liberation Day, we are singing three of Bach’s vocal gems, conducted by Baroque specialist Václav Luks. The programme also includes poignant Passion music by Luks’ compatriot Jan Dismas Zelenka, who is sometimes known as the ‘Czech Bach’.

When Bach wrote a motet, it was usually for a funeral or memorial service. However, we do not know if this was also the case for Singet dem Herrn. The work combines reflections on mortality with a carefree festive character. So this programme brings together modesty and exuberance.

The concert

Works and Performance


Johann Sebastian Bach
Motet ‘Komm, Jesu, komm‘, BWV 229

Jan Dismas Zelenka
Excerpts from Responsoria pro 
hebdomada sancta, ZWV 55

Johann Sebastian Bach
Motet ‘Jesu, meine Freude‘, BWV 227

Johann Sebastian Bach
Motet ‘Singet dem Herrn’, BWV 225


Netherlands Bach Society
Václav Luks, conductor


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Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied

motets, BWV 225

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motets, BWV 227

Komm, Jesu, komm

motets, BWV 229