Reflect with Bach

Marjoleine de Vos about being true to yourself

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Marjoleine de Vos about being true to yourself Marjoleine de Vos about being true to yourself

The background

Marjoleine de Vos about being true to yourself

How do you lead a good and ‘virtuous’ life? This question has occupied thinkers and philosophers since the beginning of humanity. For many centuries, religion gave us something to hold on to in the case of moral dilemmas. Now that religion has disappeared from many lives, people today often grope in the dark and turn to coaches, yoga and self-help books in their search for personal values. How can we remain true to ourselves?

Standing up for the poor and the oppressed“

Essayist and poet Marjoleine de Vos reflects on this question, which was also a topical theme in Bach’s day. He wrote his cantatas 47 and 127 for Lent: a time of contemplation and reflection. He invited people to search for their life principles and warned of ‘false prophets’. In the year 2022, the internet is full of opinions, and we make judgements without thinking. How can you stay true to your own values in a time when solidarity is coming under increasing pressure? Together with De Vos and poet Maud Vanhauwaert, we look for pointers that tell us what is truly important.

This concert is part of the series Reflect with Bach.

The concert

Works and Performance


Johann Sebastian Bach 
Es ist dir gesagt, Mensch, was gut ist, BWV 45
Herr Jesu Christ, wahr’ Mensch und Gott, BWV 127


Netherlands Bach Society
Hans-Christoph Rademann, conductor
Marjoleine de Vos, speaker
Maud Vanhauwaert, poet


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  • Utrecht, TivoliVredenburg, Grote Zaal

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