Reflect with Bach

Corine Koole about love

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Corine Koole about love Corine Koole about love

The background

Corine Koole about love

What is love? What does love sound like? Although there’ll never be one definitive answer to these questions, you can reflect on them and make music about them. Music, ideas and poems alternate in a programme with love as its central theme.

A wedding cantata and a cantata about parting“

Poetess Maud Vanhauwaert and publicist and podcast maker Corine Koole dwell on a festive wedding cantata and a cantata about friendship and parting. Metaphors for connection and separation, love and sorrow; rewarding subjects for the ‘pulpit’. Corine Koole is known for ‘Lust & Liefde’, one of the most popular columns in the newspaper de Volkskrant. In 2018, she published ‘De zeven wetten van de liefde’ (The seven laws of love), a love bible of almost 250 pages. The Flemish poetess Maud Vanhauwaert has written various award-winning books of poems. She has previously recited poems in theatres, operas and a sheepfold.

This concert is part of the series Reflect with Bach.

The concert

Works and Performance


Johann Sebastian Bach 
Weichet nur, betrübte Schatten, BWV 202
parts from O holder Tag, erwünschte Zeit, BWV 210


Netherlands Bach Society
Dorothee Mields, musical direction
Corine Koole, speaker
Maud Vanhauwaert, poet


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