Keiser’s Brockes-Passion

NTR Saturday Matinee

NTR Saturday Matinee NTR Saturday Matinee

The background

NTR Saturday Matinee

There are so many more Passions than just Bach’s St Matthew Passion, and we like to stand up for alternative Passion music. So in collaboration with the NTR Saturday Matinee, the Bach Society is starting an annual tradition of spotlighting other Passions.

A new tradition, in which we spotlight other Passions.“

This season, it is the turn of the Brockes-Passion by Reinhard Keiser, which was an extremely popular Passion of its time. Keiser used the libretto by the poet Barthold Heinrich Brockes (1680-1747), who had great success in his day with his poetic adaptation of the story of Christ’s Passion. No fewer than four major composers in Hamburg (Keiser, Handel, Telemann and Mattheson) set his words to music. We will be performing Keiser’s Brockes-Passion at the NTR Saturday Matinee on 13 March 2021.

The concert

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Netherlands Bach Society
Shunske Sato, violin and conductor