Conducted by René Jacobs

St Matthew Passion 2021

St Matthew Passion 2021 St Matthew Passion 2021

The background

St Matthew Passion 2021

An everlasting masterpiece does not appear out of thin air – not even the St Matthew Passion. René Jacobs treats you to a brand-new version.

The earliest musical traces of the St Matthew.“

This season, the Netherlands Bach Society returns to the source of the St Matthew Passion. The earliest musical traces of Bach’s greatest work are found in the ‘Frühfassung’. Those who are enamoured of the later score from 1736 (and who isn’t?) will be surprised in this 1729 version by different voices in some arias, one chorale more or less, and the occasional unexpected timbre in the orchestra. Hardened listeners will also discover how in this early version Bach is still tinkering with the double-choir element that makes the ‘definitive’ St Matthew such a monumental work. One thing is certain, and that is that opera conductor René Jacobs will indulge his dramatic instinct to the full, on interpreting the ingenious dialogues, impressive choirs and overwhelming mix of styles that Bach masters down to the last detail.

The concert

Works and Performance


St Matthew Passion, BWV 244b (Frühfassung)


Netherlands Bach Society
conducted by René Jacobs

Daniel Johannsen, evangelist
Robin Johannsen, soprano
Olivia Vermeulen, alto
Thomas Walker, tenor
Johannes Kammler, bass (Jesus)
Arttu Kataja, bass

Kampen Boys Choir

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St Matthew Passion

oratorios and Passions, BWV 244